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The Artificial Ivy has become an trent in recent years, but why?

Artificial ivy has become a popular trend in home decor in recent years. This versatile plant can be used in a variety of ways to add a touch of greenery to any space, indoors or outdoors. One of the most popular ways to use artificial ivy is to drape it...
Jason Arroyo

Why is so Important to install Perimeter Edging in Synthetic Grass Installations?

Perimeter edging is important for the sub base of artificial turf for several reasons. First, it helps to contain the sub base material, such as crushed rock or gravel, within the designated area. This ensures that the sub base is properly graded and com...
Jason Arroyo

What's the Dtex, in Artificial Grass Specifications?

Dtex is a unit of measure used to determine the density of artificial grass fibers. It is a combination of the weight in grams per 10,000 meters and the length of the fibers in millimeters. For example, a grass with a dtex of 10,000 would have fibers that...
Jason Arroyo

How to Keep your Artificial Turf Clean

Hi there! If you're a proud owner of artificial grass, you know how great it is to have a lush, green lawn without all the hassle of maintaining a natural one. But just because it's not real doesn't mean it doesn't need to be cleaned! In ...
Jason Arroyo

Artificial grass and it's impact on water savings! Artificial grass has been gaining popular...

Artificial grass and it's impact on water savings! Artificial grass has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its ability to provide a lush, green lawn without the need for watering. This not only saves water but also saves homeowners tim...
Jason Arroyo

When you think about planting a vertical garden, there are several questions that come to mind. Is it expensive? Do I need a green thumb? How much maintenance will it take?

These are all valid concerns, but with the help of artificial plants, you can eliminate all those worries and get started right away. No Maintenance Cost The first reason why artificial plants are better than natural ones is because they have no...
Jason Arroyo

What's InstaGreen?

InstaGreen is an architecturally designed solution to cover and beautify spaces with foliage or vines that simulate natural ones. It is a product composed of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), both the sheets and the grid or mesh where they are placed, ...
Jason Arroyo
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