Breeze - Kids and Pets

HF Green - Sporting Surface Use

Cathie - High Trafic and Resistance

Cam - High Trafic Traditional Backing


what make us different!

Create and Transform your space

in only 6 steps

Step 1.

Schedule a free consultation visit.

Step 2.

We’ll take measures while we speak about decoration and transforming ideas

Step 3.

We’ll set the budget and send you a graphic proposal


We reserve the materials and set a project initiation date.

Step 5.

We install and create your instageen space

Step 6.

Enjoy and recommend us!

Instagreen GRASS features!

Antistatic Technology
Maintenance Free 

Water Saving

Instant and Long-lasting Beauty

Does not attract Insects or Rodents

Pesticides and Chemical Free

100% Recyclable

UV Defender

Designed for areas with high Solar Exposure

Non Toxic

8 years Warranty for Artificial Grass

Ecofriendly PRT Technology (drainage 5 times faster and recyclable)

Soft and flexible for an Easier Installation

Green all Year Long

Color Fading Resistance and Durability

Health Protector (Heavy Metal Free)

Lead Free

Not Flammable 

frequently asked

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